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Imagine spending a blissful rural holiday in a secluded converted barn in the rustic Dordogne amidst beautiful old woodland. Or perhaps a renovated former farm worker cottage in Provencal. Imagine ancient stone walls rich with history, a log-burning fire in an open hearth, exposed wooden roof beams and a glorious kitchen garden. Now imagine these traditional attractions of old France alongside all the modern conveniences you would expect from a 21st century holiday.

What Is A Gite?

Imagine all this and you have an idea of what a holiday in a gite is like. If you`ve never heard the word before, gite (pronounced zheet) is a French term that literally means `a form of shelter`. But a gite is far more than just somewhere which provides cover and protection. It now refers to something much less basic than that. The word has grown with use and now chiefly refers to a holiday home for rent and they`re growing more popular all the time.
A gite is a fully furnished self-contained accommodation available for rental to visitors. Your gite might once have been a cottage where a farm labourer and his family lived, now made into a cosy haven for a hideaway holiday. Or an actual farmhouse dating back a hundred years or more. Or a lovingly converted barn boasting many of its original charming architectural features but brought tastefully up to date with excellent facilities designed to provide the greatest of comfort.
There are various categories of gite available. For example a Gite Rural is a self-contained place in the country, or it could be somewhere on the coast away from the touristy places, or maybe even up in the mountains. A Gites d`Enfants will be specially designed to provide all you would need for the children.

All the Comforts You Would Expect

Many gites have access to a private swimming pool. Just imagine tucking the kids up in bed for the night and slipping outside in the moonlight to enjoy a romantic evening by the pool. Kitchens are fully equipped. There`s usually T.V. available for your entertainment and internet access.
All gites are required by law to comply with safety rules and regulations and fulfil all necessary insurance obligations. So you know that your family will be safe as well as comfortable and happy. Often the owners of the gite are nearby to assist with anything you might need or wish to know and, of course, to give you a lovely old-fashioned courteous French welcome when you arrive.

Privacy and Space

A great advantage of a rented holiday home is, of course, the privacy it allows you and your family. There`s plenty of space to spread out, there`s no-one else around to bother you and you can do as you please, just as you would in your own home. You simply won`t believe that this charming accommodation in picturesque surroundings is exclusively yours for the duration of your holiday. Beware, though, you could get spoilt; staying in a gite just might put you off hotels for life.
When you get right down to it perhaps the old meaning of gites really is quite appropriate. They are indeed a shelter, but a shelter from the storm of a busy, stressful modern life. A perfect holiday home.

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