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Zermatt is an iconic mountain resort, nestling below the towering mass of one of the world's most recognised mountains, the spectacular Matterhorn. It is "traffic free" which means almost all motorised vehicles are banned apart from electric buggies which perform a wide range of duties from taxis to fuel delivery & policing!

Getting Around

Lots of people walk everywhere in Zermatt, but watch out for the electric buggies which whine around at quite high speeds and can creep up on you unexepctedly. The streets and pavements can be very icy too in winter - so good footwear is of course essential. Electro taxis go everywhere and are not unreasonably priced, especially if you have a decent distance to travel, have baggage and/or can fill one up and share the cost. They can also come in handy at the beginning and end of the day to get to/from the lift stations if you're not staying close to a lift station or Ski Bus stop. Its also possible to take a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

Ski Bus

There are two electro bus routes serving the resort, buses often being called Cheese Buses on account of their cheese advertising livery. Travel is free for those with ski passes and various other ticket passes which can be purchased by non skiers. The green route is the main Ski Bus route, identified by the green bumper on the vehicle and the destinations on the indicator blind above the drivers windscreen. This operates between the Gornergrat railway station and Sunnegga and Matterhorn Express lift stations, with other intermediate stops. The Red route, with smaller vehicles, operates from the Gornergrat railways station to a looping route around the Winkelmatten residential area. All buses are crammed to the doors and very uncomfortable at peak times and it pays to know exactly where you want to get off if its not at one of the base stations. You may also have to wait for a few buses before you can get on one if you are boarding at an intermediate stop between the lift stations. During the middle of the day not all green route buses serve the Gornergrat station, shuttling instead directly between Sunnegga and Matterhorn Express base stations, so check the destination blind carefully. Click here for Ski Bus route map


Of course there are a huge range of places to eat in Zermatt, from the finest gourmet experiences all the way down to Macdonalds. Below we mention a few eateries that we personally have enjoyed. Bear in mind that nowhere in a resort like Zermatt is truly cheap so all references to pricing are relative.


Brasserie style turn up and eat restaurant in the main street - lively atmosphere good wholesome well priced food with an Italian/Swiss tendency. As close to Cheap and Cheerful but decent as you can get in Zermatt!

Cafe Viktoria

Small, friendly Italian restaurant in the complex alongside the Gornergrat railway station with an associated bar where locals often drink.

Hotel Post

Something for everyone here with four different restaurants plus bars and a club; a big favourite of our contributors is the Spaghetti and Pizza Factory.

Hotel Europe

Excellent Swiss food in a genteel atmosphere.

Bahnhofbufet (Station Buffet)

Simple and pleasant. The excellent pizzas here are freshly prepared.

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