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Zermatt is designated a "car free " village. Unless you have a permit for certain access routes you may not drive a car in Zermatt, even in Summer, and most of the streets are free of all motorised transport apart from electric buggies, electric ski buses and utility vehicles. This means getting there is not as straightforward as in most resorts.

Zermatt - Getting there by train

The mountain railway up to Zermatt is a narrow gauge line which climbs up the valley from Visp. There are regular through services from the main line stations at Brig and Visp to Zermatt throughout the day and the famous Glacier Express offers through services between Zermatt and Chur, Davos and St Moritz. Many people fly into Geneva or Zurich, where there are stations in the airport terminal with direct trains to Visp and Brig for connections onto the mountain line to Zermatt.

Zermatt - Getting there by coach or car

If you arrive in Zermatt by coach or car, the end of the good mountain road up from Visp is the village of Täsch. Here visitors must park their vehicles for the duration of their stay in a large multi storey car park close to the station and coaches also drop their passengers at the station. From Täsch station shuttle trains leave every 20 minutes throughout the day (less frequently during the night) for the 10 minute ride to Zermatt railway station itself.

Arriving at Zermatt station

Trains arrive at the station at the lower end of Zermatt's main street. The station square, "bahnhofplatz", is full of electro taxis belonging to specific hotels or to one of the various taxi companies in Zermatt. If you have not pre-booked a taxi in advance it wont take long to find one of the general taxis or call your hotel and ask them to send their own over to the station to collect you and/or your luggage (this service may be included in the cost of your stay). If you know the arrival time of the train you are arriving on it can save a bit of hassle to pre-book, or keep the hotel/taxi company phone number handy so you can call them from Täsch to ask them to meet the train you are on. For those on organised tours the Tour Operator will normally pre-arrange transport as necessary.

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