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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a city of international festivals, famous landmarks, fantastic museums, many and varied eating places and great shopping. Enjoy the city's wonderful atmosphere, majestic buildings, magnificent castle and delightful old town. Edinburgh is renowned for the range of cultural and historic experiences for you to enjoy - with sport, architecture, museums and galleries at the forefront of things to see and do, as well as the icons such as the castle and the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse.



There are many annual festivals in Edinburgh. Whether it`s jazz, or books or plays, there`ll be a festival at some point in the year to suit nearly everyone. The one that everyone thinks of, officially called Edinburgh Festival Fringe, takes place in August and the whole of the city centre is buzzing with performers and visitors from morning until late in the evening. But there are other festivals and even August has more than the Fringe, including an international book festival, the Edinburgh Arts Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. During the other eleven months of the year, there`s a jazz and blues festival, an international science festival, an international film festival and more. In fact, finding time to visit when there isn`t a festival might be a challenge!


The newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland is a huge museum with over 8,000 exhibits. The permanent exhibitions have many animals conserved by taxidermists, including Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell and Ching Ching the giant panda. There are also several extinct animals including a skeleton cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Besides animals, there are many other exhibits including antiquities from Scotland, the world`s oldest colour television and a clock that belonged to Captain Cook.
The Museum of Childhood, fascinating for adults and children alike, is on the Royal Mile and has exhibits of toys, clothes, teddy bears and all things child related.
The Scottish National Gallery has many masterpieces on view in its permanent collections including works by Monet, Raphael, Van Gogh, Rubens, Degas and Cezanne. This art gallery is recognised as one of the best in Europe and consequently attracts special exhibitions of world importance.


Princes Street Gardens are in the middle of the city, immediately outside the main Waverley Railway Station. Running the length of Princes Street, part of the main shopping area, the gardens contain many statues and monuments. Even though the park is in the middle of a big city and in the summer the benches and lawns are crowded with tourists and office workers, it can still be a relaxing place. High above the west end of the gardens and perched on a volcanic rock, is Edinburgh Castle. The castle is open to visitors and tells the story of the history of Scotland. Alongside it is the Royal Scots Regiment Museum.
Arthur`s Seat is a dormant volcano in Edinburgh centre which gives fantastic views across the city and also as far as North Berwick and across the River Forth to Fife. The walk up to the top will blow the cobwebs away and gives a refreshing break from visiting museums and art galleries.


The main shopping area for large stores and also some smart shopping centres is around Princes Street. Morningside, a lively area south of the city centre has a good selection of independent specialist shops, including dress shops, food stores and upmarket charity shops.

Getting around Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh makes for a fantastic city break. There are various ways of getting there but making the journey by train can be relaxing. If this is chosen, it might be useful to contact Edinburgh taxi for an easy way of getting around the city, or visiting places outside the centre.

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